How many ribs are on a side of Pork?

This is a full pork belly, ribs attached.

I constantly get called from customers, stating they think they are short a box from their pig, as they only have a couple packages of ribs, and they have no tenderloins.

This is a full pork loin.

As seen in this picture, this loin includes the tenderloin and back ribs. Nearly everyone loves their pork chops, and want as many as possible. When cutting the chops, the tenderloins and back ribs are cut into the chops at the same time. Therefore, unless doing boneless pork loins, there will be no individual back ribs or tenderloins in the package.

This is a full rack of side ribs.

It seems every batch of pigs we butcher, someone complains they don't have many ribs, and many feel they are missing a full box. This picture is of a full side of ribs. This rack was from a pig weighing 176 pounds on the rail, and the whole rack was 1.4 pounds. Those that purchase large 10 pound packages of ribs from places such as Costco, seem to think they should have boxes of ribs from a pig. In fact, that package of ribs takes all the ribs from at least 2 pigs.